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Residential Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

24/7 emergency Restoration Services for homes near Omaha, NE

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Why choose Phoenix for Fire restoration?

Phoenix Restoration has hundreds of combined years of industry experience working to provide you the best fire, smoke and soot restoration solutions. 

Whether it’s a small grease fire in the kitchen or an entire house fire restoration project, the Phoenix team is equipped to fulfill your needs. 

No matter the size, it’s important to go with a team like Phoenix Restoration that is certified and committed to the highest standards of care.

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Structure Fire

Usually any fire in or on a structure is considered a “structural fire”. The amount of damage does not dictate whether or not it’s deemed a structural fire. Structures can be home, non-home or non-residential properties. Non-residential properties include offices, institutions, manufacturing, retail properties and more!

Salvageable vs Unsalvageable 

When going through the personal contents of your home, you will be hearing a lot about salvageable contents and unsalvageable contents. Your restoration company is safely going through the damaged items and separating what could be restored. 

Generally, non-porous items such as glass and metals are salvageable. Furniture with removable covers, fabrics, clothes, and curtains could be salvageable as long as flames from the fire did not melt them.

Unsalvageable items include: plastics, food (perishable/non-perishable), hygiene products, medicine, cosmetics, damaged fabrics/clothes. Some of these items may not appear damaged, but they absorb the most smoke and chemicals during a fire.

House Fire Restoration

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A Word from Our Customers
We had a house fire in August of 2021…Phoenix was out same night as fire and had roof patched up to prevent further damage. [They] helped out throughout the insurance claim to make sure nothing was missed for us and his repair team worked through all the hurtles of the insurance company, city codes, and covid issues for employees to make sure that everything went as smooth as possible…I highly recommend their company for all restoration repairs.
David P.

Omaha, NE

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Insurance Terminology

Throughout the fire restoration process, our estimating department communicates with the insurance adjuster assigned to your loss. Every necessary documentation and photograph is submitted to the adjuster for their review. Here are common insurance terms that come up:


Dwelling Coverage

The dwelling is the physical structure of the property. Your dwelling insurance will cover most repairs or rebuild costs according to its limits.


Detached Structures

Detached structures or “other structures coverage” helps pay for damaged structures not attached to your dwelling. Items include sheds, fences and detached garages.


Personal Property

This part of your insurance coverage can help replace damaged items after a fire such as appliances, clothes, and furniture.


Limits and Deductibles 

The policy limit is the most your insurance will pay for a covered loss. Your deductible is the amount you will pay out-of-pocket towards a covered loss. It is always recommended that you compare repair costs with your deductible on a smaller loss.


Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Coverage 

Actual cash value coverage helps reimburse you for the depreciated value of damaged items, while replacement cost value coverage typically helps pay to purchase a new item at today’s price.

Always look into your insurance policies.

Your homeowners insurance should cover repairs and some replacements, but the limits vary. Always meet with your insurance agent to identify your limits and deductibles. Intentional fires may not be covered by your insurance


Do you know the common causes of structural fires?
The common causes of house fires are cooking, smoking, electrical issues, and misusing items such as space heaters. 
How much time do you have to evacuate?
Recent studies have shown that it takes about 3-4 minutes for a home to flash over! Your priority should always be to get out and dial 9-1-1. 
How long does it take to restore a house fire?
Depending on the severity of a fire, complete restoration could take 3 months to a year.


Damage from a fire is not always visible!

Smoke and soot from a fire can greatly affect the structure and is not always visible. Chemicals from the fire can be absorbed into the walls, floors, and contents in the property. Always consult with your restoration company before entering a structure, especially if you have health concerns. 

Did You Know? Unaffected rooms that are connected by Air Ducts may still suffer from smoke and soot. Ask Phoenix if an Air Duct cleaning service will be right for you!




Our team will secure your property by boarding up windows, doors, and  any openings that were damaged after the fire. This prevents further damage or theft.



After documentation and insurance approval, our team will begin packing out salvagable items. Homeowners must list items that are unsalvageable to ensure they are documented. 



Once the personal contents are removed, damaged areas of the structure will be demolished. Most areas that are not burned by the fire can be restored using the proper equipment. 



After all the fire damaged areas are demolished, our team will oversee the rebuild of your home. The goal is to restore your home back to its original state before the damage. 

Throughout the process, you have an incredible team on your side! We’re here to walk you through every step from the inspection to the insurance paperwork. We understand these disasters can be very devastating. Which is why we built a team that is incredible in every stage of the fire restoration process. Together, we can RISE UP AGAIN after any disaster!