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Floods can occur for many reasons and are a common situation that can happen to anyone. You could be dealing with a sudden pipe burst or a dreadful toilet backup. Whether you’re a business owner, first-time homeowner, or seasoned property owner –  here are our 5 Phoenix Tips for flooding:

  1. Avoid the area if you’re unsure there’s an electrical hazard.
    Often times in basements or work spaces, you may run into electrical wiring or circuits. It could be a high risk and fatal area. A certified restoration team will always approach the flooded rooms with caution and will call the appropriate agency if necessary.
  2. Contact your emergency service team as soon as possible.
    The damage that occurs during the flood is primary damage. Whereas the damage that occurs as a result of the flood is as secondary damage. It’s your restoration team’s goal to minimize that secondary damage. Don’t delay on calling for service as time is always of the essence.
  3. Remove any personal belongings if its possible. Pick up any rugs, leathers, art, and papers to avoid permanent damage. Lift up any curtains or furniture to avoid contact with the water too.
  4. If you’re unsure if the water is clean, avoid touching the water.
    Water from broken pipes or uncontaminated water sources is clean and not harmful. After water has come into contact with chemicals, bacterial, or pet feces, it becomes less safe.
  5. Avoid the area if the flood occurred due to a back up.
    Water is unsafe and is best handled by a professional. Call your restoration company to clean and sanitize the area. Following the industry guidelines will help avoid future issues with mold.

Dealing with the surprise of a flood can be daunting and time consuming. You can reduce the stress of the clean up with the right water restoration company. If you have had a large loss or minor incident, call the Phoenix Team to walk through your personalized plan and rise up again from disaster! Reach us at 402-964-2232 or send a message today for flooding restoration services.