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Anyone affected by a major disaster can tell you that saving personal belongings is the last thing on the agenda. What can you grab in four minutes during a house fire? Do you know the value of all the items that are stored in your basement? Here are Phoenix Restoration Services tips for taking care of inventory before disaster strikes. 

1. Make A List

Take time and walk through each room of your home. Write down the contents you see and their estimated values. You can also categorize by item such as: electronics, furniture, art, jewelry, etc. 

2. Take Photos

Snap a quick picture of each room! You will be surprised by the things you may have missed. It can especially be helpful for obscure items such as rugs, flooring, wall furnishings. Take photos of individual items with higher values as well! These photos can greatly help your insurance adjuster properly value your loss.  

3. Store and Update Yearly

Store your list and photos online! Email your list to your personal email address or upload to your cloud services. Keeping this list online will keep you at ease when filing your claim. Remember to update your list yearly or after large purchases. 

Your priority during any disaster should be your safety! Phoenix Restoration Services encourages everyone to leave their belongings, get to a point of safety and dial 9-1-1 if necessary. Your insurance and the Phoenix Team will work together to recover any personal belongings and contents. We’re always available to help with the restoration of your property. Call us at (402) 964-2232 to begin services or to ask any questions about the restoration process.