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Experiencing fire damage to your home can be devastating no matter the size. It is a confusing and emotional time. Often you are faced with the need to make decisions right away which can be overwhelming. Fortunately, after the fire is contained by your local fire department, you are asked to reach out to restoration companies. In Omaha, many restoration companies like Phoenix Restoration Services may already be on site to begin emergency services. 

  1. Board Up:
    The first step is to secure your property to prevent further damage or theft. The restoration company accomplishes this by boarding up windows, doors, or any openings caused by the fire. By completing the board up process, you can focus on more important matters like your safety, arranging temporary shelter if needed, and contacting your insurance agent. 
  2. Pack Out & Contents:
    The next phase of fire damage restoration focuses on the pack-out and contents cleaning. This is where the restoration company will safely go through the contents or personal belongings affected by the fire. As the homeowner, you are responsible for creating a list and photographing unsalvageable items. At Phoenix Restoration Services, we highly recommend full attention to this list as we know there are some valuables that are unknown to anyone but the owner. Items that are salvageable will be listed, photographed and packed away for cleaning and decontamination by the company. These items will then be stored by them depending on the insurance policy coverage. 
  3. Demolition:
    Once the property has been cleared out of personal belongings, necessary demolition of the structure will begin. This could be anywhere from tearing out drywall, cabinets, stairs, ceilings, etc. Any unsalvageable part of the structure that has been affected by the fire can be removed and restored. Areas that were not directly affected by fire, can typically be restored by smoke and soot removal with professional equipment and solutions, leaving the structure intact. 
  4. Rebuild:
    The final step to fire damage restoration is rebuilding the areas previously torn down during the demolition process. The restoration company’s goal is to restore the interior and exterior prior to the damage with the same materials as before. Any changes or upgrades to material will depend on the insurance policy or whether you’re willing to pay out of pocket for the add-ons. 

When Phoenix Restoration Services sees a project from start to finish, we are overjoyed to see the final result. Although every fire loss is different, we find comfort knowing that we can help families and individuals “Rise Up” again after a disaster. Contact us for questions on your fire damage restoration process by calling (402) 964-2232 or by email by using our contact form.