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When a fire occurs, the damage can be overwhelming. Even after extinguishing the flames, the damage from smoke and soot can be severe. Soot is a byproduct of combustion, and it can be a real challenge to clean up. There are three main types of soot residues: protein, natural, and synthetic. Each type requires a different cleaning method to effectively remove it. 

Let’s take a closer look at each type of soot residue and how restoration companies like Phoenix Restoration Services can clean them up.

Protein Soot Residues

  • Produced by burning materials such as meat, poultry, or fish
  • Sticky and smeary, with a yellow or brownish color
  • Leaves a strong odor that can be difficult to remove
  • Commonly found in kitchens or areas where cooking occurs

Cleaning Method: Restoration companies may use a water based cleaner to dissolve and remove the protein residue. Thermal fogging or ozone treatments can also help eliminate lingering odors.

Natural Soot Residues

  • Produced by burning natural materials such as wood, paper, or cotton
  • Dry and powdery, with a gray or black color
  • Spreads easily and can penetrate deep into surfaces
  • Commonly found in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices

Cleaning Method: Dry cleaning methods such as vacuuming or brushing can be effective at removing natural soot residues. Wet cleaning may also be necessary, but restoration companies must be careful not to spread the residue further. Natural residues are the easiest to clean as compared to protein and synthetic.

Synthetic Soot Residues

  • Produced by burning synthetic materials such as plastics, rubber, or nylon
  • Sticky and greasy, with a black or gray color
  • Can cause damage to surfaces if left untreated
  • Commonly found in areas where electronics, appliances, or furniture were present

Cleaning Method: Synthetic soot residues require a specialized cleaning process. Restoration companies may use a dry sponge or a degreaser to loosen and remove the residue.

As you now know, the type of soot residue left after a fire can vary depending on the burned materials. It’s important to identify the type of soot residue before starting the cleanup process. Restoration companies like Phoenix Restoration Services have the experience and expertise to effectively clean up all types of soot residues.

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